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Meet the Editors

COREY COOK grew up in South Strafford, VT and received a BA from New England College in 2002. 229 of his pieces have been accepted by 124 publications since he started mailing out submissions late in 2002. His work has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Akitsu Quarterly, the Aurorean, bear creek haiku, Brevities, Children, Churches, and Daddies, Chiron Review, Dime Show Review, Down in the Dirt, Freshwater, Leaves of Ink, Muddy River Poetry Review, Northern New England Review, The Pangolin Review, Rat's Ass Review, Rusty Truck, and Yellow Chair ReviewCorey lives in Thetford Center, VT.

Corey's first chapbook, Rhododendron in a Time of War (Scars Publications), was released in 2009. This small collection of political poems can be read for free online (in pdf format). If you would like to read Rhododendron in a Time of War now, click here.

His second chapbook, What to Do with a Dying Parakeet (Pudding House Publications), was also released in 2009. Copies can be purchased directly from the author for $7.00. Send a check, money order, or well concealed cash to Corey Cook, PO Box 215, Thetford Center, VT 05075. 

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Corey's third chapbook, Flock (Origami Poems Project), was released in 2012. This micro-chapbook contains twelve haiku and features two of Rachael's photographs. It is available as a pdf online and it too is free! Print it out, click on the "Who We Are" tab, and then select "Folding An Origami Book." Follow the instructions and you will have your very own copy. If interested, click here.

His fourth chapbook, White Flag Raised (Kattywompus Press), was released in 2015. Sammy Greenspan writes: "Take a dash of married life with young kids, mix in a pinch of childhood memories and teen angst, and season with longing for your real life: Cook's poems offer a humble and honest banquet of growing up, growing into one's own skin, coming of age and coming out." Copies are available online. If interested, click here.

Corey's fifth chapbook, The Weight of Shadows, is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press. It will be available for preorder from September 18, 2018 through November 16, 2018 and will be released on January 11, 2019. 

RACHAEL graduated with a BA in Art, Elementary Education and Special Education from New England College in 2002. Her photographs of "the orange room" are featured throughout the website.