The Orange Room Review

Accessible poetry of substance

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (for my late father Lawrence J. Holder)

by Doug Holder

I thought of my father
As he gripped
His left hand
Prying it open with his right
A hand curling
Into a callused fetus
Holding on to
For dear life.
And years after his death
As if possessed
I feel my own hand curling
In my right hand pocket
Fusing with some phantom
In the darkness.
But as we all know
the spirit and the flesh will weaken
The grip will become loose
the hand
will open to a wistful wave
and we will both
let go.

DOUG HOLDER'S poetry and prose have appeared in The Small Press Review, Steam Ticket, Toronto Quarterly, Cafe Review, and many others. He is the founder of the Ibbetson Street Press, and teaches writing at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston, and Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts.