The Orange Room Review

Accessible poetry of substance

Pepe with the Pipe

by Heather J. Macpherson

Pepe always had his own
seat: a single chair

in the garden
on the porch
in the kitchen
in front of the TV.

And before he could no
longer make pictures,
he sat here,
at this desk,
slumped under
carving pieces
of wood: oak

maybe birch.

He always gave me a
kiss on the cheek
and a silver
dollar for my
If only I could
have peeled
the cancer
from his
throat the way
stopped sticking
to their surface.

HEATHER J. MACPHERSON is a poet, writer, and librarian. Her work has appeared in Real Women Press, The Sun, Wicked Alice, Beginnings, Daedalus Project, Poets in the Galleries (anthology), and What You Are About to Witness (a Poets' Asylum anthology) among other publications. She is also the editor and publisher of Ballard Street Poetry Journal.