The Orange Room Review

Accessible poetry of substance

Morning on Otter Pond

by Kevin Casey

Tucked inside the bow
of the icy metal boat,
I huddle in a nest
of life jackets glowing

orange in the gloom.
We carve along the shoulder
of the drowsing lake;
the oarlocks chatter

with your hand on the tiller,
and the motor knocks
its lullaby to the dark,
formless shore. 

Soon, the engine cut,
swallowed by the silence,
you set my bobber
on the little plastic rod, 

and I wait for a fish,
and I hang on a hook

for the few, shared words
rippling out across
the steaming water
that would sanctify the dawn. 

KEVIN CASEY is a graduate of UMass, Amherst, and received his graduate degree at UConn. His work has been accepted by the Milo Review, Small Print Magazine, Tule Review, and others. He currently teaches literature at a small university in Maine, where he enjoys fishing, snowshoeing, and hiking.