The Orange Room Review

Accessible poetry of substance


by Megan Falley

She is alone on an empty train when a tall stranger points to the seat beside her and asks if it's taken. It's a free country she says, and my father sits down. He pulls laughter from her like a rabbit from a magician's hat. This is all it takes. Soon - he will propose, a diamond in a bucket of Cracker Jacks. She will blink six times. It will mean Yes. For some time this will be enough. He will lend her half his face for the boy. Six years later, the other half for a daughter - who will watch her in the mirror. She will rinse the last of his dishes. Will take up Yoga. Reflexology. Learn Italian. Zydeco dancing. He will always be the same. The man he promised on their wedding day. The tall stranger. The magician. Even when she's stopped laughing. Even when she's filled the empty seats beside her with museums. Mountains. Downward-facing dog. Book groups. Self-help sections of libraries. I'm sorry, that seat is taken she'll tell him. No, you can't sit down. 

MEGAN FALLEY is the author of two books of poetry, published by Write Bloody Press: After the Witch Hunt (2012) and Redhead and the Slaughter King (2014). She performed on TV One's "Verses & Flow," and her work has been celebrated on UpWorthy.Com. She lives in Brooklyn with a dog named Taco.