The Orange Room Review

Accessible poetry of substance

Estol, the Hunchback

by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz

I remember waking up
to the sound of his soldering iron.

I still see
his face illuminated by
sparks flying up out of the dark.

Keep out,
the sign on his workshop read.
I always wondered what secrets he kept before

I turned over,
hugged the warmth of my mother’s skin
and tried to erase the smell of metal burning.

ROCHITA LOENEN-RUIZ is a Filipina writer/mom living in the Netherlands. Her work has appeared in a variety of online and print publications. Most recently, she’s had work included in Route Magazine's byteback book, Skin, and on the ezine, Chick Flicks. She edits poetry for Haruah: Breath of Heaven.