The Orange Room Review

Accessible poetry of substance

In the Crowd

by Vasile Baghiu

A Japanese man
took photos of
the crowd sur le Quai du Mont Blanc,
in Geneva.
It caught me too
when I was admiring the huge
artesian well.
I thought then for a second
I would remain
in an album,
somewhere in a house
in Tokyo,
or elsewhere,
and nobody would ever know
who I was.

VASILE BAGHIU (b. 1965) is a Romanian writer, author of six books of poetry, a collection of short stories and a novel published in his country. He has been awarded a few “writers-in-residence” grants, in Germany, Austria, Scotland and Switzerland. Some of his poems written in English can be read in “Poetic Diversity”, “The Blue House”, “Subtle Tea”, “Magma Poetry” and “Southern Ocean Review”. Co-author of “Transatlantic Crossings: The Constant Language of Poetry,” a poetry book released in 2006 by TJMF Publishing. Vasile lives with his wife, daughter and son in Romania, working in the education for health field and completing his studies in psychology.