The Orange Room Review

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Scraping the Surface

by Wynne Huddleston

When I was small I thought
“skyscraper” referred to a jet plane,
and that the entrails were
places where the plane had actually scraped
the sky’s surface, like a Magic
Writer toy. When people said, Look,
a jet! I couldn’t find it unless
there was a big X to mark
the spot. Then I got glasses, and things changed—
I could see
that a jet can never scratch or write
upon the fathomless sky.
I found out
that skyscrapers are really buildings
as tall as Jack’s beanstalk, but they will never
touch the sky;
I could even read the movie credits on the TV screen—
I discovered
that the character I thought was “Wide Earth”
was really Wyatt Earp. What a bummer…
Now, much older, I sometimes take off
my glasses and imagine what I might write
on the ceiling of the sky if I were
Wide Earth riding in a skyscraper.

WYNNE HUDDLESTON is a music teacher, a member of the Mississippi Poetry Society and a board member of the Mississippi Writers Guild. Her poetry has been accepted by over thirty print and online journals such as Birmingham Arts Journal, Stymie Magazine, Southern Women’s Review, The Mom Egg, Raven Chronicles, Halfway Down the Stairs, Camroc Press Review, Thema, and others. Ms. Huddleston is currently working on two books of poetry. For more info please see