The Orange Room Review

Accessible poetry of substance

My First Week at the Boys Boarding School

by Zachary Bush

I lay awake, staring at the red glow
Emitted from the bedside clock,
Waiting for alarms to start,
Another night of re-playing stories
Id heard, that week at lunch,
Of large green shampoo bottles,
And the place where
The Jocks would stick them
If they caught any of us   
Artsy queens getting hard
In the shower after
Sneaking a quick peak.

ZACHARY C. BUSH is a writer of poetry, prose, book-reviews, and interviews. He is the author of two forthcoming chapbooks through Scintillating and Pudding House Publications. He will have a third chapbook with Kendra Steiner Editions, expected to be released in late 2007. Contact him at: